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Our Shiraz Deli department offers a variety of Kabobs, Sandwiches, Persian Stews (Ghormeh Sabzi, Fesenjan, Gheymeh, Bademjan and Karafs) and Soups ( Barley and Ash Reshteh). There are also containers of Hummus, Masto Khiar (yogurt and cucumber), Masto Museer (yogurt and shallots), Kashko Bademjan (sauteed eggplants) and different varieties of Meditterrnean and Turkish Olives prepackaged for your convenience to purchase. In addition to that, you may purchase Cheese (French and Bulgarian), Mortadella (Halal and Regular), Halva (regular and with pistachios), KooKoo Sabzi (veggie patties), Kotlet (beef patties), Dolmeh and Olovieh salad by the pound.

Please for complete list of our foods refer to our menu page.

Burger Shiraz

  Kotlet Sandwich                                                                 Olvieh Sandwich

KooKoo Sandwich


Deli Shiraz Deli Shiraz

Mast Khiar                                                                 Salad Shirazi


Deli Shiraz  Deli Shiraz

Masto Museer                                                                                 Humus


Deli Shiraz  Deli Shiraz

Ash Reshte                                                                                      Halim


Deli Shiraz  Deli Shiraz

Ghorme Sabzi                                                                                     Fesenjan


Deli Shiraz  Deli Shiraz

KooKoo Sabzi                                                                                   Dolme


Deli Shiraz  Deli Shiraz

Kotlet                                                                                             Olvieh Salad


Deli Shiraz  Deli Shiraz

Soup                                                                                                Gheymeh Bademjan


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